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Let’s look at some of the different types of doctors and how they might help you find relief from pain.

Primary care doctor

These professionals are usually the first you talk to about your pain. Hopefully, they have a familiarity with your overall health and may be able to offer some initial relief in the form of basic treatment and medication.

If these options don’t help manage your pain, consider asking for a referral to a pain management specialist.

Physical or occupational therapist

A physical or occupational therapist can work with you to map out a plan to make your daily activities less painful. Should you choose a surgical pain management option, your therapist can also help create a plan for recovery and rehabilitation to help you get back to your everyday tasks more quickly and effectively.

Pain management doctor

As the name suggests, these are professionals with special training in diagnosing and treating pain. They work with your healthcare team (nurses, primary care doctors, physical therapists, mental health professionals, etc) to ensure you maintain the highest quality of life.

Because they specialize in managing pain, they are likely to have access to and knowledge of the best treatment for your particular pain.

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Surgeons, especially those with extensive training in pain management, can offer expertise on the risks and benefits of a variety of surgical pain management options.

They may also refer you to the right specialist if surgery is not right for you. Your surgeon may perform a range of corrective back surgeries and/or use pain therapy devices to help with your unique pain.

However, having a surgeon on your team does not always mean you will get surgery. Most surgeons opt for nonsurgical therapies for the majority of their patients.

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