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Where many one-size-fits-all treatments fail to provide long-term relief, Boston Scientific therapies can be customized to treat your unique pain. The more we can personalize your treatment, the more likely you are to experience lasting pain relief.

SCS therapy uses an implanted device to deliver mild electrical impulses that interrupt pain signals your nerves send through your spinal cord. This can help prevent you from perceiving the pain.

This minimally invasive outpatient procedure uses a small spacer to relieve pain associated with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS).

RFA is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that uses thermal energy to interrupt pain signals at the source.

Mary M., SCS patient since 2013
“My leg doesn’t bother me anymore. That’s what I’m really happy about.”
— Shirley
Chris B., SCS patient since 2014
Shirley P., Vertiflex Procedure patient since 2018
Karen M., SCS patient since 2016





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Question 1 / 8

Have you been suffering from pain
for more than 6 months?