Try out Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) first

The first step to managing your chronic pain with SCS therapy is a trial, which is a way to test drive a Boston Scientific SCS System. Talk to your pain management specialist about a temporary trial of the Boston Scientific SCS System so you and your pain management specialist can decide if it is right for you.

How does the SCS trial system work?

Boston Scientific Clinical Care Specialist Kira Trexler explains how SCS therapy works and explains the process of trying out an SCS system.

Discover if SCS therapy is right for you

The SCS trial starts with an outpatient procedure conducted at your pain management specialist’s office or surgery center. Then, as you go through your regular activities over the next few days, you will use the temporary SCS system to determine if this type of treatment is effective in reducing your pain. If it does, you and your pain management specialist can discuss moving forward with getting a Boston Scientific SCS System implanted.

What can I expect from the SCS trial?

  • Your doctor will place temporary leads into your back—an outpatient procedure that takes only one to two hours
  • The leads are connected to an External Trial Stimulator (ETS), usually worn on your waist. The stimulator is programmed to personalize your therapy and your Clinical Specialist shows you how to make adjustments with the remote control
  • You then go home with your SCS trial system in place to try it over the next three to seven days
  • During and at the end of your trial, you and your doctor will decide if SCS therapy is effective for you, and whether to move forward with the implanted system

How does the temporary SCS trial system differ from the long-term implant?

  • Unlike the long-term implant, the temporary trial system has an external stimulator device
  • If you and your doctor decide to move with a full implant, you will undergo a new procedure with a much smaller implantable stimulator

How is Spinal Cord Stimulation Trial success measured?

Talk to your doctor about how to define success for you and your situation, but SCS is generally considered effective if:

  • Pain is reduced by 50% or more
  • You’re able to resume daily activities
  • The need for pain medication is reduced
  • Sleep and relaxation improve

Will SCS allow me to be free of pain medications?

  • Some find that SCS therapy works well enough that they no longer need pain medications
  • For others, success with the therapy means using less pain medication
  • Always consult your doctor before changing your medication dosage

Get the most out of your SCS trial with the mySCS app

While you test how SCS works for you, the app will help you:

  • Track your daily activity and pain levels
  • Connect with your Boston Scientific Care Team
  • Learn more about what to expect at each step along the way

At the end of your trial, you can review your progress with your pain management specialist and Boston Scientific Care Team to help determine if SCS is right for you.

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