Spectra WaveWriter™ 

Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) System

The right therapy, right where you need it

With the Spectra WaveWriter SCS System, multiple therapies can be used to treat multiple pain areas at the same time.*

Multiple therapies. One device. More personal relief.


Some SCS therapies replace the feeling of pain with a soothing massage-like sensation called paresthesia.1


Other SCS therapies treat pain without paresthesia, using a type of stimulation you can’t feel.1

Both Combined

The Spectra WaveWriter SCS System combines both options in a single device. Clinical research shows that patients can achieve superior long-term outcomes when they can choose between multiple therapy options.1

Broader coverage of your unique pain area

To get the best possible pain relief, your SCS system needs to be able to target the right part of your spinal cord. The Spectra WaveWriter SCS System features advanced software and leads with up to 32 contacts that are designed to cover a wider area of the spine than conventional systems. This makes it easier to find your unique pain relief “target”—and to maintain therapy in the right spot if the target moves over time.

Real-time therapy feedback

The Spectra WaveWriter SCS System allows you to partner with your doctor to get even more personalized treatment. The system can be programmed to automatically rotate through different types of stimulation. You can then rate the changing therapies in real time using your remote. The system generates a ratings report that helps your doctor see what treatments work best for your unique pain.

Personalized treatment. Lasting results.

Boston Scientific SCS patients reported a nearly 6-point drop in pain score, even after two years.2

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