Talk to a Patient Ambassador

Sometimes, talking to someone who knows how you feel can be reassuring. The Boston Scientific Patient Ambassador Program puts you in touch with people who have volunteered to share their experience of treating their pain with Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS).

Available 5 am to 5 pm PT, 
Monday through Friday

Someone who knows. Someone who cares.

Patient Ambassadors have lived with pain and they volunteer their time to offer patients like you insight into how their Boston Scientific pain management solution helped relieve their pain. They are not employees of Boston Scientific and do not give medical advice.

“By sharing my story, I could give value to my years of pain and treatment experiences and possibly help others with their journey.”Robin M., Ambassador since 2010
“I wanted to be an Ambassador because the stimulator worked so great. I can empathize with chronic pain patients and love telling my story.”Paul S., Ambassador since 2009
“I went from a very active person to a couch potato, and, with SCS, back to a very active person…. I want to encourage others to not be afraid of the unknown and do the trial.”Marianne J., Ambassador since 2010
“I am thrilled to share my story with anyone dealing with pain in the hopes that others may find some relief and get back to things they enjoy in life.”Sandy F., Ambassador since 2010
“Sharing stories reminds me of just how lucky I am.”Lee R., Ambassador since 2011
“I wanted to be an Ambassador because I have been given back a huge part of my life and I felt it was my responsibility to pass on the information.”Dana C., Ambassador since 2011