Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS):
Relief tailored for your pain

Boston Scientific’s proven drug-free SCS therapy can be personalized to deliver the lasting relief you need — where and when you need it.

How does SCS work?

You feel pain when nerves send pain signals through your spinal cord to your brain.

SCS is designed to interrupt these signals so you don’t perceive them as pain.


A small device called a spinal cord stimulator is implanted under the skin. 

Thin, flexible “leads” are connected to the stimulator and placed near specific nerves along the spinal cord. 

The stimulator sends mild pulses through the leads to the nerves. 

The pulses interrupt the pain signal on the way to the brain.

See how SCS works

Watch our animated SCS guide.

Our SCS systems

Your doctor will help you decide which Boston Scientific SCS System is right for you.

Spectra WaveWriter™
Spinal Cord Stimulator System

The first SCS system designed to personalize pain relief through the power of combination therapy, the Spectra WaveWriter SCS System uses multiple therapies to treat multiple pain areas at the same time.*

Precision Montage™ MRI
Spinal Cord Stimulator System

Chronic pain relief with full-body MRI Conditional compatibility.

Precision Novi™ Primary Cell
Spinal Cord Stimulator System

Chronic pain relief with a stimulator that requires no charging.

Try your relief first

Before committing to SCS, find out if it will work for you by taking it for a “test drive” with a temporary trial system.

Significant Long-Term Relief

In a major clinical study, back pain patients reported a nearly 6-point drop in pain score, even after two years.1

Worldwide Success

Tens of thousands of people across the globe look to Boston Scientific SCS therapy for long-term, drug-free, FDA-approved pain relief.

Successful Trials

More than 90% of Boston Scientific SCS trial participants reported a successful experience and opted to get the permanent implant.2

Patient Satisfaction

9 out of 10 Boston Scientific SCS patients said they were satisfied with their therapy and 95% would recommend it to others.2

Real patient stories

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Top 5 questions about SCS

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