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Effective relief starts with useful information. These tools and resources will help you learn more about our pain management solutions and find the option that works best for you.

Tools you can use

This toolbox contains useful materials to help you find your relief—from working with you to nail down the unique aspects of your pain to finding a pain management specialist near you, and more.

Personal pain relief evaluation

Take this quick quiz to see which pain solution may be right for you.

Find a pain
management doctor

Locate physicians near you who specialize in pain management.

Download powerful tools

Get apps that help you learn about your pain. Track, manage, and report on your pain, plus more.

Get comfortable with expert advice.

Hosted by pain management specialists across the country, our webinars allow you to cozy up to new ideas without leaving your home. Register now and view educational topics and the latest treatments. Browse our library today.

Guides and brochures

These materials will help you learn more about your Boston Scientific pain solutions.

Free information kit

Order an in-depth information kit on spinal cord stimulation (SCS) or the Vertiflex Procedure.

Get the Doctor Discussion Guide

Use this simple discussion guide to start a conversation with your doctor about pain solutions.

Other guides and brochures

Find valuable information, resources, tools, and tips designed to provide you with important facts and insights.

Educational videos

Browse these videos to learn more about the solutions we offer.

How SCS works

Discover how SCS works, and why it can be such a promising therapy for chronic pain.

The Vertiflex™ Procedure

Learn about lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) and how the Vertiflex Procedure can alleviate leg and lower back pain symptoms.

Other video resources

Explore our educational videos on SCS and the Vertiflex Procedure.

Get the answers you need

Find answers to common questions about our pain relief therapies.

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