Pain relief made personal

See how people who were in debilitating pain discovered the relief they were seeking and a way back to their normal lives.

Spinal Cord Stimulation  (SCS)


"One of the things that I think is amazing about this device is the ability to make adjustments.”


“Pain is like a living thing. It can change in different ways…but so can your stimulator.”


“I decided that I wanted something that was more cutting edge and Boston Scientific seemed to fit the bill for me.”


“I really feel that my pain relief has been personalized…because of the different settings I have.”


“I am extremely grateful for what this system has done for me.”

Mitch & Senita

“Nothing just seemed to work…. Then, this came around.”


“One of my favorite things is being able to take the burden off my family.”


“It was a realization that I wasn’t going to have to walk around in pain.”


“I know firsthand what a spinal cord stimulator can do for someone.”


“The thing that really appealed to me was the trial.”


“After going through the trial…I realized it was working for me.”

Vertiflex™ Procedure


“Six weeks after the procedure I did a six- mile walk. That was my success right there.”


“Came home the same day, and the next thing I was busy doing all the things I enjoy doing.”

Patient Testimonial Highlights

“Patients everywhere are sharing how the Vertiflex Procedure has helped their personal pain relief.”

Enjoying life after the Vertiflex Procedure

After living with the pain from moderate lumbar spinal stenosis, these patients are sharing their stories of the journey back to enjoying their day-to-day life again.

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Connect with real people living with pain and hear about their experience finding lasting relief with a Boston Scientific solution.

Proven clinical success

Thousands of patients across the globe rely on Boston Scientific therapies for significant long-term relief. Learn more about the solid clinical evidence behind Boston Scientific technology.

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