The Intracept™ Procedure:

Lasting relief from vertebrogenic  chronic low  back pain

What is vertebrogenic chronic low back pain?

Vertebrogenic low back pain is caused by damage to parts of your spine called vertebral endplates. The damage can develop over time with the wear and tear on your back that comes from everyday activities.

Vertebrogenic pain is usually felt in the middle of the low back and is often made worse by:1

Physical activity

Prolonged sitting

Bending forward

Lifting objects

How does the Intracept Procedure work?

The Intracept Procedure is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that is proven to provide durable vertebrogenic pain relief.2

The Intracept Procedure works by targeting the basivertebral nerve, which is the nerve that sends pain signals from damaged endplates.

During the procedure, the doctor introduces a small probe near the trunk of the basivertebral nerve, delivering radiofrequency energy to heat the nerve and stop it from sending pain signals to the brain.

Patient recovery time tends to be quick, and most people start to feel pain relief from within two weeks up to three months.2-4

How can I find out more?

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