About the Vertiflex™ Procedure

The Vertiflex Procedure can be completed at an outpatient center so you can go home the same day of the procedure—we recommend having someone accompany you after the procedure. General anesthesia is not required.

Your treating doctor will prescribe your postprocedure care instructions. Most patients who undergo the Vertiflex Procedure can expect the guidelines below.

Caring for the surgical site*

Most surgical site wounds will have a few stitches or staples that should be kept clean and dry until the first follow-up visit usually scheduled in seven to 14 days.

  • Avoid scrubbing the surgical site for 72 hours
  • Do not take baths and avoid excessive soaking of the site
  • Clean the site with soap and water and change the bandage daily and/or any time the bandage gets wet
  • Report any changes such as redness, bleeding, and/or swelling to your doctor

Becoming active again*

Always follow your doctor’s instructions about activity restrictions. Increase your light activity such as walking, as tolerated, but be careful and avoid too much activity too soon.

For six weeks, limit all lifting, bending, and strenuous activity including:

  • Lifting any weight over ten pounds
  • Any significant bending of the spine, especially twisting
  • Strenuous activity such as swimming, golf, tennis, racquetball, running, jogging, or sexual activity

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