Cognita™ Care

At Boston Scientific, we're committed to helping you manage chronic pain so you can get back to living life to the fullest. That's why we created Cognita Care, with personalized support and innovative tools to help you find effective, long-term pain relief.

Personalized support. Long-term relief.

Finding long-term relief from chronic pain is a journey that begins with learning about different solutions that might be right for you, and then connecting with specialists who can help. Cognita Care helps make that journey easier, with cutting-edge digital tools and in-person services to help you find effective long-term solutions for your personal pain.

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Learn about your therapy options

Connect with specialists who can help you find lasting pain relief

Access resources so you can continue to thrive


Learn about effective, long-term pain solutions and find medical specialists who can help you choose which one is right for your unique pain.

Connect with an Education Specialist

Speak directly to a US-based Patient Education Specialist by phone at 877.473.0844 to get answers on the next step in your journey.

Talk to a real patient

Connect with a volunteer Patient Ambassador one-on-one and get a real patient's perspective about a treatment or procedure you're considering.

Attend an educational event

Attend in-person or virtual education events, including presentations by doctors and seminars with Clinical Specialists, and hear an expert's perspective about easing chronic pain.


Connect to your Care Team to find answers and receive the personalized support you need.

Download the mySCS app

Track your progress, set goals, and stay in contact with your extended Care Team to optimize the success of your procedure.
Download the mySCS app now.

Find a pain doctor near you

Locate doctors in your area who specialize in pain management and can help you find solutions to your unique needs.

Connect with a Clinical Specialist

Build a relationship with a Clinical Specialist trained to help you through every phase of the pain management journey. From learning about solutions to undergoing implantation, Clinical Specialists are here for long-term support.


Experience lasting relief from pain with ongoing support from your dedicated care team.

Get support from a Care Specialist

Speak to our committed Care Team by phone at 866.360.4747 or contact us to answer any questions or concerns about a procedure or your pain management process.

Use the mySCS app

Order pain management necessities like adhesive patches for your device. Plus, find educational news, tools, and the latest developments in pain management. Download the app.

Keep in touch with your Clinical Specialist

Get ongoing expert support and assistance with your device from our trained Clinical Specialists.

Find out more about Cognita Care

Connect with a Patient Education Specialist today and learn more about how Cognita Care can help ease your journey to long-term pain relief.

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